Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

Also Known As

Alien Nation: Dark Horizon ( Germany ), Alien nation - Skoteinos orizontas ( Greece ), Alien Nation: Horizonte Perdido ( Portugal ), Muukalaiset - tumma taivaanranta ( Finland )


Alien Nation: Dark Horizon

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90 min

Cast Open full cast

Gary Graham

Det. Matthew Sikes

Eric Pierpoint

George Francisco

Michele Scarabelli

Susan Francisco

Terri Treas

Cathy Frankel


Picking up where the "season finale" left off, Emily and Susan are on life support after being contaminated with a virus, which is found to be from a Purist group. The Purists have created a mass of it to spray over LA to kill all Newcomers. At the same time, an elite Overseer arrives to organize the return of the Tenctonese to slavery, and decides to take the human population as well.

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Is it worth viewing?.26 March 2012

Is it worth viewing?.

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question27 February 2012

Has anyone seen this, would you recommend it.

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