Cast a Deadly Spell

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Détective Philippe Lovecraft ( France ), Halálos igézet ( Hungary ), Hechizo letal ( Spain ), Hexenjagd in L. A. ( Germany ), Kirous kintereillä ( Finland ), Lovecraft, hechizo mortal ( Mexico ), Omicidi e incantesimi ( Italy ), Smrtonosna carolija ( Serbia ), Svart förbannelse ( Sweden ), Um Feitiço de Morte ( Portugal )


Cast a Deadly Spell

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Fred Ward

Det. Harry Philip Lovecraft

David Warner

Amos Hackshaw

Julianne Moore

Connie Stone

Clancy Brown

Harry Bordon


"The year is 1948... Everybody uses magic." In Los Angeles, 1948, magic is used for everything, from cocktails that mix and pour themselves, to zombie butlers, to murder. This makes things tough for Detective Philip Lovecraft. He's a private eye, and the only man left in town who doesn't use magic. It is because of this that the richest man in LA, Amos Hackshaw hires Lovecraft to recover the stolen Necronomicon, a book of immense evil, containing incantations powerful ... more

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Is it worth viewing?.14 March 2012

Is it worth viewing?.

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question18 February 2012

Has anyone seen this, would you recommend it.

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