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The Kingdom of Alagaesia is ruled by the evil King Galbatorix, a former dragon rider that betrayed his mates and his people in his quest for power. When the orphan farm boy Eragon finds a blue stone sent by Princess Arya, he sooner realizes that it is a dragon egg. When the dragon Saphira is born, Eragon meets his mentor Brom, and becomes the dragon rider foreseen in an ancient prophecy that would set his people free from the tyrant Galbatorix. Eragon meets the rebels ... more

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07October 2009

«Eragon» is a 2006 live-action/CGI fantasy-adventure film. A boy named Eragon finds a polished blue stone in the forest. At first, he thinks it's a lucky discovery, something that will bring meat to his poor family for the winter. Instead, it brings a dragon hatchling, and Eragon is soon thrust into a world of magic and power through which he and the dragon must navigate. «Eragon» based on the novel of the same name by author Christopher Paolini. Download «Eragon» from our site!





Zafira the Magnificent27 May 2016

The only reason to watch Eragon is to see the beast herself, the magnificent Zafyra. I watch Eragon whenever it is on TV because I like to fantasize about having my own live Dragon to fly. I mean how cool would that be? And she talks too? O M G... LOL





:-P11 December 2015

Awful version of the first book. Glad they never attempted to make the second.





Jeremy Irons and dragons, this may not go well...15 October 2015

Technically competent, but essentially a fantasy movie that mistakes industrial light for magic. As dragon movies go, Dragonslayer, Reign Of Fire and even Dragonheart can rest easy.

The next time a dragon movie script lands in Jeremy Irons’ lap, he should throw the goddamn thing out the... more





Eragon06 October 2014

Not bad movie with interesting story, nice scenery and visual effects, but average main actor and close combat scenes.





Not a Bad Fantasy26 June 2014

This movie was a decent fantasy.





Shame there was no sequel15 March 2014

I can't say this was a great film, but it was good enough for a sequel. Sadly, reading online, the screen writers missed too much of the early story to allow for the second part to be made. Moments that leave you elated and moments to make you cringe, but well worth a watch.

Not a cheap bastard...!!




Great dragon fantasy for anyone over the age of 10...!!04 March 2014

I really enjoy these types of movies... Extremely effects driven, with very capable acting as well. I'd love to see a sequel to further this story. It definitely leaves you wanting more, but you can only fit so much in the two hours or so to tell the story itself. There's some holes in the story,... more





eragon05 November 2013

A pretty cool movie.

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