Fatal Vision

Also Known As

Död i dimma dold ( Sweden ), Ich bin kein Mörder ( West Germany ), Murha vai painajainen ( Finland ), Visión fatal ( Spain )


Fatal Vision

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200 min

Cast Open full cast

Karl Malden

Freddy Kassab

Eva Marie Saint

Mildred Kassab

Barry Newman

Bernie Segal

Gary Cole

Capt. Jeffrey MacDonald, MD


Captain Jeff MacDonald, a renowned and an ambitious surgeon at Fort Bragg army base, appears to be a happily married father of two. When the MP enter MacDonald's house in response to his desperate emergency call they find him injured and his wife and daughters murdered. He reports a gang of drugged 'hippies' raided the house and attacked the family. As a massive search for the suspects yields no leads, investigators focus on some inconsistencies in MacDonald's account and he becomes their prime suspect.

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