Also Known As

Adam ( Canada ), Enviado (Godsend), El ( Spain ), Enviado del mal, El ( Venezuela ), Enviado, El ( Argentina ), Enviado, O ( Brazil ), Godsend - taevalik eksitus ( Estonia ), Godsend ( Finland ), Godsend, expérience interdite ( France ), Theostaltos ( Greece )



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102 min

Cast Open full cast

Greg Kinnear

Paul Duncan

Rebecca Romijn

Jessie Duncan

Robert De Niro

Richard Wells

Cameron Bright

Adam Duncan


After their young son, Adam (Bright), is killed in an accident, a couple (Kinnear, Romijn-Stamos) approach an expert (De Niro) in stem cell research about bringing him back to life through an experimental and unlawful cloning and regeneration process. When Adam comes back to them, however, he's.. different...

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Movie Berry

16November 2009

«Godsend» is a 2004 thriller. When their son Adam (Cameron Bright) dies in a terrible accident the day after his birthday, married couple Paul (Greg Kinnear) and Jessie (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) are contacted by a genetic research whiz (Robert De Niro) who wants to clone the boy. Caught at their worst stage of grieving, the couple agrees, hoping he can make things right. After the process is complete, things seem blissful until they realize that the "new" Adam has a dark side. «Godsend» directed by Nick Hamm. You can download «Godsend» right now!



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