Ice Age: Continental Drift

Also Known As

Epoka lodowcowa 4: Wedrówka kontynentów ( Poland ), Ice Age 4 ( USA ), Ice Age 4: Continental Drift ( USA ), Ice Age 4: Jorden skakar loss ( Sweden ), Ice Age 4 - Voll verschoben ( Germany ), Istid 4 - Kontinenter på avveie ( Norway ), Jégkorszak - Globális földmozgás ( Hungary )


Ice Age: Continental Drift

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Cast Open full cast

Jason Fricchione

Dumb Mammoth / Various (voice)

Aubrey Graham


Peter Dinklage

Captain Gutt

Ester Dean

Female Siren (voice)


(see Scrat Subplot) Manny becomes over-protective about his teenage daughter Peaches going to the falls to see a teenage mammoth called Ethan. Manny's wife Ellie calms him down and tells him that Peaches is not going to be his little girl forever. Peaches, along with her best friend, a molehog named Louis, go to the falls, but Manny stops them and takes Peaches home. Meanwhile, Sid reunites with his family, but is abandoned again, with his obnoxious Granny that wanders ... more

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good movie21 July 2014

good movie



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Good movie18 February 2013

This is a great movie for the kids. They just can't stop watching it.



-1 +1



Ice Age14 February 2013

My opinion, Meltdown and Down to Dinosaurs better, but my kids love all of them, so all of them we have in our library :)



-1 +1



Brilliant22 January 2013

Watched this movie the other week and it's a classic to go with the others in the series.

Scrat is just awesome.



-1 +1



Good09 January 2013

A nice sequel to the previous ones. As always the first film is the best, but it's worth a view with the family.



-1 +1



good as always31 December 2012

As usual, the Ice Age movies never fail to entertain and are tons of fun!



-1 +1



Great Family Movie!26 December 2012

Wonderful movie to watch during the Holidays! Kids and Adults alike will love this movie!



-1 +1



Funny Movie26 December 2012

As usual, Ice Age was fun and enjoyable to watch.

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