Monster House

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Canavar ev ( Turkey ), Maison monstre, La ( Canada ), Monster House ( Spain ), Monster house - La casa de los sustos ( Peru ), Monster House ( France ), Monster house - La casa de los sustos ( Argentina / Venezuela ), Monsteritalo ( Finland ), Neighbourhood Crimes & Peepers ( Philippines ), Teratospito, To ( Greece ), Zemeckis/Spielberg Motion Capture Project ( USA )


Monster House

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Ryan Newman

Little Girl (voice)

Steve Buscemi


Mitchel Musso


Catherine O'Hara

Mom (voice)


The teenage DJ is observing his neighbor Nebbercracker on the other side of their street in the suburb that destroys tricycles of children that trespass his lawn. When DJ's parents travel on the eve of Halloween and the abusive nanny Zee stays with him, he calls his clumsy best friend Chowder to play basketball. But when the ball falls in Nebbercracker's lawn, the old man has a siege, and sooner they find that the house is a monster. Later the boys rescue the smart Jenny ... more

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07October 2009

«Monster House» is an Academy Award-nominated American 2006 computer animated fantasy film released on July 21, 2006. Although no adults will believe them, three children realize a neighbor's house is really a monster. They must find a way to stop the house and save the neighborhood. «Monster House» completed production in early 2006, and was released on July 21, 2006 by Columbia Pictures. Download «Monster House» right now!



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Good Movie10 August 2014

Good Movie



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This Movie Monster House is a good movie, check it out24 August 2012

This Movie Monster House is a good movie, check it out

Mad About Movies


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good movie worth watching09 July 2012

good movie worth watching



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Thanks for that comment good to know.07 October 2011

Thanks for that comment good to know.

Mad About Movies


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thanks24 August 2011

Thanks for commenting, helps us to know if we should check it out.



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great movie!28 January 2011

i dont know how i do i but i always seem to find this movie on tv...its like its haunting me haha anyways its a great kids movie

type casting


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Our whole family liked this09 January 2011

It's a little scary for very young kids but if you are there with them you can reassure when it's necessary.



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Monster House18 October 2009

Great animation and a very good story. Not too scary for Halloween so give your children a treat and download this.

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