Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

Also Known As

Asuntos pendientes antes de morir ( Argentina ), Co delat v Denveru, kdyz clovek nezije ( Czech Republic ), Coisas Para Fazer em Denver Quando Você Está Morto ( Brazil ), Coisas Para se Fazer em Denver Quando Você Está Morto ( Brazil ), Coisas Para Fazer em Denver Depois de Morto ( Portugal ), Cosa fare a Denver quando sei morto ( Italy ), Cosas que hacer en Denver cuando estás muerto ( Spain ), Das Leben nach dem Tod in Denver ( Austria / Germany ), Denverin keikka ( Finland ), Dernières heures à Denver ( France ), Det sidste job ( Denmark ), Distractions à Denver quand sonne le glas ( Canada ), Karisik iliskiler ( Turkey ), Leszámolás Denverben ( Hungary ), Ne zaljubi se, ko si mrtev ( Slovenia ), Oi oraioi den pethainoun sto Denver ( Greece ), Ragazul înselator al mortii ( Romania ), Rzeczy, które robisz w Denver bedac martwym ( Poland )


Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead

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115 min

Cast Open full cast

Andy Garcia

Jimmy 'The Saint' Tosnia

Christopher Lloyd


William Forsythe


Bill Nunn

Easy Wind


Jimmy the Saint's business is videotaping the terminally-ill, so that they will be around to give 'Afterlife Advice' to their survivors. He hasn't been doing too well lately and has had to turn to loan-sharks to accomodate his failing business, as well as his expensive personal tastes. When an evil gangster-overlord buys up his note and demands a favor of Jimmy, in exchange for the interest that he can't afford, Jimmy capitulates. Jimmy is to scare someone for the ... more

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