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Buongiorno miss Dove! ( Italy ), God morgon, miss Dove! ( Sweden ), Guten Morgen, Miss Fink ( Austria / West Germany ), Hyvää huomenta, miss Dove ( Finland ), La terrible miss Dove ( Spain ), O Ocaso de uma Alma ( Brazil ), Skies tou parelthontos ( Greece )


Good Morning, Miss Dove

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Jennifer Jones

Miss Dove

Robert Stack

Dr. Thomas 'Tom' Baker

Kipp Hamilton

Virginia 'Jincey' Baker

Robert Douglas

Mr. John Porter

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Mr. V




For a movie that tries REALLY hard...21 September 2017

... to epitomize the majority of humanity who feel that their good deeds go mostly unnoticed and unappreciated, it succeeds. There's a lot to like about the crafting of the storyline (using flashbacks to effectively flesh-out the details of the main character), the settings for the various... more





thanks for review16 November 2012

thanks for review.





This is a IMDB page Review21 June 2012

IMDB Review:

American small towns dont come much cosier than Liberty Hill, the setting for this very old-fashioned weepie. Jennifer Jones is the spinsterish school mam who rules with a rod of iron but who has a heart of gold and the movie tells us, in flashbacks, how she got that way. As an... more





Thanks for the comments21 June 2012

Thanks for the comments. I will see this movie, because of the director. He has also directed The Robe also a great classic. I'll hope this one is as good. The story is one I'll like.





thanks for the comment and Review16 February 2012

gives us info about this Classic drama movie.





Thanks for that comment good to know.18 January 2012

Thanks for that comment good to know.





thanks15 December 2011

Thanks for commenting, helps us to know if we should check it out.

type casting




This has got to be in your top 100 list.18 April 2011

Jennifer Jones does an amazing bit of acting in this movie which is a fitting tribute to a wonderful teacher who changed many lives for good. They don't make them like this any more.

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