What is MovieBerry.com?

MovieBerry.com is an on-line movie store that provides you downloading and watching on-line great amount of movies and TV shows. You can download any content within several minutes. Easy usability and self-explanatory navigation will make your browsing through the site comfortable.

Services Overview

•  MovieBerry.com has more than 13,000 movies, 1200 TV Series that include more than 70 000 episodes.

•  MovieBerry.com uploads about 10 movies every weekday.

•  We offer you watching movies online and downloading them in different formats: HD, HQDivX, DivX, iPad and iPhone

•  There are two types of membership – Classical (add money to your account and credits will be charged according to the movie/episode price) and Happy Months (3 unlimited months of watching and downloading).

•  You can leave comments on the movie page, vote for other users, receive more karma and as a result get free downloads. More active you are, more opportunities you have!

•  We have 24/7 customer support – helping our clients is our highest priority.

•  You can access all Movieberry services through Android Application BerryCinema. Read detailed FAQ and download for free.


BerryCinema is Android application that was created specially for Movieberry. You can read detailed FAQ and download application for free.


How can I find the movie I want?

•  All you need to start surfing is to access the home page.

•  If you are interested in a particular movie, please type its title in the "Search" field and click the "Search" button. If you are not sure whether you remember the exact title of the movie, you can use "Advanced Search" that will help you to find the movie you want according to its genre, release year or country of origin.

•  Have a look at the Fresh movies, i.e. the last films that top the box-offices around the world.

•  Check IMDB top by genres

•  Don’t miss MovieBerry visitors choice

What information do you give about any movie?

Click any movie to reach the movie page

•  Movie title in other languages

•  Director’s name, release date, genre, runtime, IMDB rating

•  Additional links to IMDB, Wiki

•  Cast, storyline, pictures from the movie

•  Available formats, price, preview

•  Users opinion

What if I need help?

Our customer service is available for everyone even for non-registered users. Click here to reach our knowledgebase. If you are logged in you will have the possibility to send a message to our customer support.


What do I have to do for downloading movies, leaving comments and voting?

If you want to get full access to all our services, please, click "Sign Up" to proceed the registration. It takes mo more than one minute – provide your working email and password.

Is my account secure?

The confidentiality of your private information is one of the highest priorities for us. MovieBerry uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on all functions that require personal information. Doing so protects the confidentiality of your personal and billing information while it's transmitted over the Internet.
To make your account even more secure, follow this simple instruction:

•  Log out after you finished purchasing and downloading

•  Do not use the same password for many online accounts

•  Don’t share your password with anyone including your family members

•  Change your password often, that will reduce the chance that someone else will crack it.

•  Try to create as unique password as you can – use many different characters, do not use simple things like 12345, parts of your home address or birth date.

What can a registered user do besides purchasing and downloading?

When you are logged in, you see "My Account" in the up-right corner. Click "My Account" to get the full range of your capabilities.

•  Edit your personal info, change your password

•  Exchange your Karma for credits

•  See your payments history

•  See the list of your purchased/selected movies that you can download

•  See your purchase history

•  See the movies you purchased/selected for watching online, watch them online right from your account

•  Access support

•  Add funds (if you are Classical member)

•  Use BerryCinema Android application that is fully connected with Movieberry. Read FAQ and download for free.

Account types

When you want to add funds you need to select the type of your membership.

Classical membership


Classic membership means that you add a certain sum to your account and spend your credits purchasing movies. You can spend your money as long as you wish, there are no any time limits. Your money remains untouched until you buy something.

Happy Months


Happy Months account gives you 3 unlimited month access to our database. Download and watch online unlimited number of movies during this period!

I forgot my password. What shall I do?

Type your registered e-mail here and we will send you a new password. It will be generated by our system, and only you know it. However we recommend to change this password for better security.

I get "Username and password do not match" message every time I try to log in. What can I do?

•  Make sure you have typed the correct information.

•  Check if CAPS LOCK is on, it is necessary to bear in mind that passwords are case sensitive. If the problem is still unsolved, please, contact our Support Service.


General information

The services offered on the Website or the prices for such services are subject to changes at the Administration's sole discretion. All Customers shall pay for using MovieBerry.com's services. To reach the services, you should replenish your account according to the fees identified. The Administration guarantees your order processing only if the total amount on your account is enough to pay for all ordered services. You are welcome to pay with your credit card. Attempts to reach the services using false or invalid information will be considered a fraud; our system utilizes some of the best fraud prevention technologies provided by our payment provider along with additional algorithms developed by our programming team. Orders may be deleted without notification if we believe them to be fraudulent. In this case, money left on the Customer's account will not be refunded.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept only VISA, MasterCard and JCB.

Are there any additional ways to add funds?

You can use PayPal Plug-In - securely pay for purchases with a temporary MasterCard credit card number.


How can I add funds?

1. Log in

2.1 Press "Add Funds" → select card type → select payment sum and complete the form, press "Continue" and receive credits or 3 month unlimited access to our base. See Account types for more info.

2.2 As an option you can buy 30 day unlimited plans.
Go to My Gift Cards → press "Buy Gift Card"

Select On-Line Berry to watch unlimited number of movies online.
Select Download Berry to download unlimited number of movies.
Select Mega Berry to watch and download unlimited number of movies.

Then you choose your payment method and fill in the form.
As a result, you will have your Gift card on My Gift Cards page.
Activate it for yourself and use the advantages of 30 day plan!


I want to cancel adding funds. Can I get my money back?

The fact that you have added a certain sum on your account or you have subscribed to one of our plans means that you agree to use advantages of MovieBerry.com's services. If you want to change or cancel your operation, please contact our Support Service.

I have added funds, but it has not changed after the payment. What can I do?

Please, contact our Support Service and provide all the payment details. We will do our best to solve your problems.

My credit card is declined, why is that?

Please, note that usual decline reasons are as follows:

You've possibly made a mistake while entering the data

Your card has expired

Some banks have limitations pertaining to geographical location of the card's use

Some banks prohibit using credit cards for internet shopping.

Make sure you are not over your credit limit or check if there is enough money on your debit card.

We don't accept VISA gift cards

Check these reasons and if you are sure your card is valid and there is no geographical limitation, please just try again.

When I click “Continue” after completing the payment form nothing happens. Why?

It may happen because of overloads, anyway it's a temporary problem and other customers easy move through - they just make one more attempt later. The reason of the problem may be because you made a mistake while filling the form.

For instance, you should type a Card number as XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, not as XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. Your zip\postal code must contain 5 digits. Make sure you don't write special symbols like # " / ^ * and so on.

We suggest you to re-log in and try again.



When you find the movie, click on it to get to the movie page. There, you can watch the trailer and select the required quality previewing it before your final choice. Our website offers you movies in four quality types: HD, HQDiv X, DivX, iPad and iPhone. However not every movie is available in all formats - the available quality in seen on the page. When you are ready to download a movie, you have to refill your balance if it is necessary. Select the format and press “Download” button or press “Watch Online”. The movie price will be credited from your account in case you are a classical member. If you are unlimited subscribed user, nothing will be credited.

Downloading within 48 hours

After you purchased a movie you will be transferred to the Downloads page, which contains all your movies pending to be downloaded. You can download your movie from this page pressing the button indicating the format of your movie (for example iPhone download). The downloading is available only during the next 48 hours after the moment of purchase. After the time expires, you need to purchase it again. When you are logged-in, go to “My Account” in the up right corner and select Downloads to reach all your recently purchased movies. This 48 hour system is very useful if you buy and download movies at different computers or if you do not have good internet connection.

Watching online within 24 hours

If you press "Watch Online" on the movie page you are redirected to the “View Online” section inside of “My Account”. You can start watching the movie right there. You have only 24 hours for watching it. When 24 hours expire you have to purchase the movie again in order to watch it.


All the purchased files are available for downloading within 48 hours. You'll have to purchase these files again to download them after that period.

We recommend you to use  Media Player Classic with K-Lite Mega Codec Pack for playing films downloaded from our project.
If you are a Mac user please, use VLC player which contains player itself and codec pack.

Is there a download limit?

You can download only 50 movies within 24 hours.

We impose the limit on your downloads as we want to provide high quality service and high speed for all the users of our site.

Can I burn a movie to CD or DVD?

All our movies are DRM-free, so you can burn any movie to CD or DVD.

How do I burn movies to DVD?

We recommend you using Nero DVD Burning software http://www.nero.com/eng/

If you have PC, you can use Windows Media Player:


How can I select another language while watching the movie?

•  Windows Media Player

Play -> Audio and language Tracks -> Select language.

•  Media Player Classic

Play -> Audio -> Select language.

•  VLC Media Player

Audio -> Audio tracks -> Select language.

•  QuickTime Player

View -> Language -> Choose language.

How can I download subtitles?

You can download and request subtitles at this website http://www.allsubs.org/

All you need to do is to give your subtitle file the same name as your movie file has.

The parts of the filenames up to the first dot must be identical.

For example:
This is a cool movie.avi
This is a cool movie.srt

Put subtitle file to movie folder.

If you do that, the subtitles will automatically be detected and displayed.

How can I switch on/off subtitles?

•  Media Player Classic

File > Load Subtitle then select subtitle file.

•  Windows media player

Click the Play menu, point to Lyrics, Captions, and Subtitles, and then click On if Available. If the Play menu isn't visible, you'll need to show the menu bar. To do so, click Organize, point to Layout, and then select Show menu bar. If it didn't work please check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=axnJk68xVnc

•  QuickTime Player

All captions are open captions (if available, captions are always visible on the screen). The same is true for audio description.

In the Windows version, select Edit > Preferences > Player Preferences. On the General tab, select "Show closed captions when available".
In the Mac version, select Quicktime Player > Preferences. On the General tab, select "Show closed captions when available".

•  Real Player version 9 and higher (Windows and Mac)

In the Windows version, select Tools > Preferences from the menu bar.
In the Mac version, select Real One Player™ > Preferences from the menu bar.
Several Preferences categories appear in the left column, select Content.
Under Content, there is a section titled Accessibility, which includes two checkboxes, one for toggling captions, and one for toggling descriptive audio.

•  Apple iTunes version 9

Select Edit > Preferences. This opens a Preferences box. In this box, select the Playback tab, and check the box labeled "Show closed captions when available".
Also, select Control > Audio & Subtitles, then select the required language or option. This option is grayed out unless the video you are currently viewing has captions available.

•  VLC Player

Watch this video to learn how to do it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyiZUYqpM2Y&feature=related

How to zoom in?

•  Windows Media Player.

1.Open Windows Media Player. Click "Library" and select "Video" to a list of video files in your media library.
2.Double-click a video file. Windows Media Player will play it.
3.Press "ALT+1" to zoom the video by 50 percent. Press "ALT+2" to zoom it by 100 percent. Press "ALT+3" to zoom it by 200 percent.
4.Press "ALT+ENTER" to zoom the video to full-screen.

•  Quicktime Player.

1.Zoom in on the movie by first dragging it over to the left side of the screen, and then resizing it by dragging the lower right corner.
2.Play the movie selecting «View » Present Movie, and choosing Present at: Current Size from the onscreen dialog.

•  Media Player Classic

To zoom in video, press 9 button on numeric keypad. Don't forget, make sure Num Lock is switched on. This 9 button can be pressed for many times until you get the zoom level as you want.
If its zoom is too deep, you can press numpad 1 to zoom-out. Press CTRL+ 8,6,2, and 4 (on numpad) to drag upward, downward, left and right. Use 5 to reset zoom to previously display 100%.

•  VLC player.

To zoom in press "Z"

Instructions for NOD 32 users

  • Open ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 users Antivirus.
  • Press the F5 key on your keyboard to open the Advanced setup window.
  • Expand Web and Email Web access protection and click URL address management.
  • Select List of addresses excluded from filtering from the URL address management drop-down menu and then click Add.
  • Enter the website or domain you want excluded in the Enter a mask for URL address field and click OK (for each website you add, be sure to either include "www." or a wildcard "*" symbol, as in "www.example.com" or "*example.com").
  • When you are finished excluding websites, click OK to save your changes and exit the Advanced setup window.

Instructions for Norton Internet Security


Adding Exceptions to Firewalls

  • Open Norton Internet Security. If there is a shortcut, double-click on the shortcut. Otherwise, click "Start" and open the program manually through the start bar.
  • Click "Settings" and "Personal Firewall" to open the firewall options.
  • Select "Configure" and "Program Control" to add a program to the firewall. Click "Add".
  • Select the website. Norton should have a list of any website visited previously.
  • Click "Modify" and then "Add All" to tell the program to allow any web page connected to the website. This will allow the exception through the firewall.

Exceptions to Parental Controls

  • Open Norton Internet Security.
  • Double-click "Parental Controls." Select "Sites" from the drop-down list to tell the program that it is dealing with websites.
  • Click "Exceptions" and click "Add" to add an exception website.
  • Type the URL of the website in the dialog box and then select "OK" to add the specific website to the list of exceptions. This will allow access to the specific website.

Instructions for Symantec users

You want to create firewall rules to block all but not our web site.

This can be achieved by using firewall rules.

For example, if you want to allow www.example.com (or some other website) but want to block all other web sites, you can accomplish this by creating two custom rules:

The "Allow Symantec users" Rule

  • In the Symantec users Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) console, under the Clients view, select the Group where you want to apply this policy.
  • Select Policies tab on right side.
  • Double-click the Firewall policy and select Edit Shared when prompted.
  • In the Firewall Policy window select Rules.
  • Click the Add Blank Rule button. A blank rule is added to the list.
  • Change the name of new rule to (for example) "Allow Example", and then select the appropriate Severity.
  • Double-click in the Application cell to invoke the Application List dialog box.
  • Select Add to invoke the Add Application dialog box and enter iexplore.exe (or firefox.exe) to allow Internet Explorer (or Firefox) to go to symantec.com.
  • Click OK twice to return to the firewall policy window.
  • Double-click the Host cell to invoke the Host List dialog box.
  • With the Source/Destination option enabled, click Add from the Source section and enter the IP address or IP range of the computers to be allowed.
  • From the Destination section, click Add, select DNS Domain from the Type drop-down list and enter *.example.com. Click OK twice again to return to the Firewall Policy window.
  • Leave Service at Any and select Action to Allow.
  • You may also enable logging by selecting Write to Traffic log from the Logging column.

The "Block All Websites" Rule

  • In the Symantec users Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) console, under the Clients view, select the Group where you want to apply this policy.
  • Select Policies tab on right side.
  • Double-click the Firewall policy and select to Edit Shared when prompted.
  • In the Firewall Policy window select Rules.
  • Click the Add Blank Rule button. A blank rule is added to the list.
  • Change the name of new rule to (for example) "Block All Websites", then select the appropriate Severity.
  • Double-click in the Application cell to invoke the Application List dialog box.
  • Click the Add button and enter iexplore.exe (or firefox.exe) to block Internet Explorer (or Firefox) traffic to any website.
  • Click OK twice to return to the Firewall Policy window.
  • Double-click in the Host cell to invoke the Host List dialog box. Ensure that Source/Destination is enabled and click Add to enter the source and IP address or IP range of the computers to be blocked .
  • Under Destination click Add and select DNS Domain from the Type drop-down list.
  • Enter an asterisk (*).
  • Click OK twice again to return to the Firewall Policy window.
  • Leave Service at Any and select an Action of Block.
  • You may also enable logging by selecting Write to Traffic log at Logging column.

Instructions for Mozilla Firefox users NoScript addon

If your Mozilla Firefox users has Noscript addon installed:

  • When you go to the active downloads page you can see that your download button is not shown:
  • Click the "options" button in the corner of the screen:
  • Click Allow *port*
  • After refreshing active downloads page your download buttons will be shown:


What is Karma?

Karma is a special rating of the user's contribution to our website. Communicate, leave comments, vote for other users, get your points and as a result, receive free movie downloads. The more active you are, the more opportunities you have. Click here to learn more about Karma.

How do I leave a comment?

You have to log in for commenting movies. Please, fill in the following fields: "Name" (once you have typed it, it will appear automatically each next time), "Subject" and "Text of the comment", and select the rating you would like to give to the movie from the dropdown box.

How do I vote for comments?

Please click on the icon with thumbs up or thumbs down. If you click "thumbs down", the user will loose some points, if you click on “thumbs up”, the user will get more. The amount of added or lost points depends on the voter’s rating.


Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

It is a must for a user to read Terms of Use and Privacy Policy before the registration. If you disagree with any statement indicated there, do not register with Movieberry.com.


By registering on our website, you agree to be bound by the obligation not to cause any damage to the Website content. The Customer is responsible for further use of any information downloaded from our website. This responsibility depends on the legislation of the country where the Customer resides. All movies on MovieBerry.com are for private viewing only. Their further distribution and broadcasting without written permission is prohibited. The Administration is not liable for further use of the information downloaded from MovieBerry.com. If the quality of some materials downloaded from MovieBerry.com is unsatisfactory, you have the right to ask the Administration to replace these defective materials. The Administration of MovieBerry.com is not liable for the Internet connection or the reproduction quality of your video device. This Website may contain links to other independent third-party's websites. These links are provided solely for our Customer's convenience. MovieBerry.com's Administration does not control those websites, and, hence, it is not responsible for their content.



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